St. Luke’s Catholic College

St. Luke's Catholic College

The Joy of Learning


The Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta were opening a new Catholic school called St. Luke’s Catholic College in Marsden Park. This wasn’t an ordinary school, it was a school that followed a ’next generation learning’ programme featuring a style of learning called 'Project Based Learning’ (PBL). PBL allows students to solve problems in teams and embraces a mixture of advanced technology like coding and VR and more traditional skills like storytelling and drawing.

St Luke’s needed a brand identity, including a new modern crest that communicated this new way of learning, but maintained it’s Catholic heritage and beliefs at its core. A campaign to launch the school to both parents and teachers in the local area was also a key requirement.

Simple geometric shapes were used to form part of the St. Luke's logo design. The shapes created represent the structural buildings, religious cross, gospel of St. Luke’s, world / sun spreading good news and also depicts a learner reading a book. The geometric shapes were also used to form part of the advertising, in the form of confetti shapes which were thrown into the air by the children.

For our advertising campaign we invited students that had already enrolled to help create the design. We organised a workshop with a group of young children, providing them with their very own workbook to complete. The content was later to be used in OOH billboard advertising, made by our learners.

We featured the line ‘The Joy Of Learning’ across our campaign to ensure that parents, students and teachers knew that St. Luke’s although very advanced, was still a fun learning environment.


Campaign still live in market.

Key people on
this project

Will Reynolds

Managing Director (Partner)

Sarah Cornish

Account Director

Angus Loxton


Fiona McLeod

Senior Designer

Paul Bruce

Executive Creative Director (Partner)