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Singapore is fast approaching a super aged society. By 2030, one in four would be considered a senior citizen. With more than 12,000 elderlies currently in institutionalised nursing homes, there will soon be more living in such conditions. However, most Singaporeans do not know what it is like to stay in a nursing home and are not conscious of how terrible the situation is. We created a campaign that communicates how it really feels to be in a nursing home, by inviting a Singaporean TV host to stay in one as part of an experiment.


Our concept revolved around having a local TV host living the life of a typical elderly in the nursing home. We wanted to show how the environment, can have a great impact on a person – even more so for the elderly. Personal video logs were recorded and uploaded online so that everyone could follow the host’s journey via social media. Eventually, everything was compiled and released as a documentary online.


We achieved huge media coverage, but more importantly, kick-started a much-needed conversation typically swept under the carpet. The preview of the documentary gathered 482,000 views, 14,000 reactions and 9,100 shares in a short span of three days. The actual 72-minute documentary, garnered over 477,000 views, 26,000 reactions, and 2,600 shares. Many opinion leaders shared it, including nominated members of parliament, film directors, bloggers and influencers. The campaign was widely covered by all major news outlets, creating a massive effect in awareness in the country.

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