Japan IPL Express

Japan IPL Express

In a saturated beauty service market, Japan IPL Express’ brand was not in consumers’ top of mind choice for IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal method. To create a memorable brand and break through the clutter, we created Harry, a gorilla character that personified the complicated relationship consumers had with unwanted body hair. Our campaign message put across was that body hair should not complicate life.


We wanted Harry to be like that of a clingy ex-boyfriend, relentlessly returning to make life complicated. Pre-arranging several key online influencers to be in a “complicated relationship” status with him, we gamed Facebook’s algorithm that placed relationship statuses as top priority on a newsfeed. His complicated relationships with tons of girls online gained traction easily, getting likes, comments etc. To boost his popularity, we circulated videos of Harry’s relationships going viral.


Harry has become a key asset and a recognisable character of the brand. The campaign attracted an endless scroll of complicated relationships on Harry’s Facebook wall, with many going crazy over him. He left a trail of broken hearted souls across the internet accusing him of stealing girlfriends, warning friends of this playboy who’s accumulating complicated relationships with so many – generating free publicity in an unprecedented way, unheard of in traditional advertising.

Key people on
this project

Anthony Tham

Executive Creative Director (Partner)

Olivia Ng


Benn Tan

Art Director