Cyber Security Agency

Cyber Security Agency

In Singapore, many feel that they are not in great danger from cyber criminals. The task from Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, was to help individuals and businesses alike to understand that they are vulnerable – even something as simple as accessing a free public Wi-Fi could expose one to a cyber attack. Our campaign communicates a message that everyone has something of value to a cyber criminal. In doing so, we placed people as literal targets while cyber criminals take aim.


Our idea revolved around the concept of everyone having something of value to a cyber criminal – like targets in a carnival game, waiting to be taken down. Our execution had the theme of a carnival shooting gallery seen across several platforms, namely: video circulated on Facebook and Spotify, public buses, print, and a roadshow. The roadshow, set in the heartlands, featured games to learn about one’s cyber hygiene and techniques to be cyber secure.


This is an ongoing campaign, and at the time of writing, the online video has garnered a remarkable 294,000 views and counting. The recent ‘Live Savvy with Cybersecurity Roadshow’ has also achieved over 14,000 attendees, successfully getting the masses to download cybersecurity software and to learn more about how to be cyber secure.



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Anthony Tham

Executive Creative Director (Partner)

David Lim

Creative Group Head

Olivia Ng


Benn Tan

Art Director

Alex Ho

Account Manager