Southern Cross Health Insurance Plan Finder

Interesting in Melbourne

When Southern Cross Health Society came to us, they had an interesting customer experience problem to solve. They found that their large amount of health insurance products caused confusion to the customer. People were not sure which product best suited their needs. Southern Cross needed a way to present the products online, in a useful and easy to understand way, that directly answered to the needs of the customer’s personal situation.


We believe that we can learn the most from talking to customers. So that’s who we turn to when we need to solve complex problems. We set out to understand what motivates people to buy insurance, and what they expect or hope for when they are searching. We found that people in New Zealand often want to be covered for day-to-day stuff, or the big unexpected stuff. This meant that we needed to be able to recommend a plan to them that suited those exact needs.

Watch the short film below to learn how we approached this project, and how we put the customer at the heart of all decisions that were made.


At this early point, quantifiable data has not been provided by Southern Cross. However, Southern Cross has provided anecdotal feedback that leads have increased significantly, through both online quote requests and callback requests.

Key people on
this project

Jeremy Reinmuth

User Experience Designer

Brad O’Meara

Art Director

Rebecca Bayly

Head of Digital