Itiswhatitis — the fashion label
that sells it like it is

Interesting in Melbourne

We wondered, what if we were to throw away all that we’ve learned, know and love in our 200 years of combined advertising experience, to learn something completely new about building no brand at all? And the itiswhatitis anti-label was born.

Set up to challenge ourselves to step into the boots of brand outlaws—itiswhatitis is an experiment of sorts, as Zoo Group Melbourne seek to learn what drives the purchasing decisions of those who refuse to purchase a lifestyle or proposition that promises anything other than what it is.


Because the no-label label aims to flip all that we know on its head, there is a deliberate absence of brand pyramids (or onions!), zeitgeist definitions, human-centered anything, manifestos or tradigital planning. Itiswhatitis is what it is, and the process at Zoo is an intent is to build upwards and outwards from nothing at all. ‘Always in beta’ are the only buzzwords allowed in the itiswhatitis experiment.



Itiswhatitis has only just launched beta 0.01. To see early results, please come back soon.

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Key people on
this project

Alex Wadelton

Executive Creative Director (Partner)

Katie Franklin

Account Director

Brad O’Meara

Art Director