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In 2015, there were over 3200 preventable house fires across Victoria. Research told us that shock tactics weren’t working for fire safety, furthermore engagement with the previous year’s website was very low, with visitors only spending an average of 37 seconds on the site — 86% of visitors spent just 0-10 seconds on the website. The 2016 campaign refreshed and broadened the appeal of the existing Safe Mistake Zone campaign through a new microsite, online game, online films, posters, social media and launch activation activity.


The ideas and executions needed to be simple and fun, but with a serious message to educate people about the potential fire risks. The campaign compared and contrasted small mistakes that won’t cause fires (like unplugging a USB without ejecting it), with small mistakes that can cause fires (such as leaving a laptop plugged in overnight) to point out how easy it is to prevent a disaster, in a humorous and memorable way.


The campaign resulted in preventable house fires across Victoria going down by 16% compared with the previous year and website traffic going up by 35% with the average dwell time of between 1-2 minutes.

Preventable house fires across Victoria


Website traffic


Average time on site


Key people on
this project

Katie Franklin

Account Director

Alex Wadelton

Executive Creative Director (Partner)

Brad O’Meara

Art Director

Jeremy Reinmuth

User Experience Designer