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Advance care planning involves making a plan for future health and personal care should a person lose their decision-making capacity. It captures people's values and wishes and enables them to continue to influence treatment decisions, even when they can no longer actively participate.

As leaders in Advance Care Planning in Victoria, Barwon Health developed an assisted completion questionnaire about end-of-life medical intervention wishes and beliefs, as a means to communicate this with family and doctors. Although compelling and effective, this face-to-face paper-based approach was time-consuming and did not offer the potential to expand its reach beyond small groups of the primary target market—aged and/or incapacitated Victorians.

The interesting challenge for Zoo Group in Melbourne was how to transition the existing service to online—to more quickly and more efficiently, reach more Victorians. The MyValues online platform (and brand) was Zoo Melbourne's solution.


Zoo firstly created the MyValues brand identity a digital strategy to produce an online self-completion questionnaire. Throughout the design and build, Zoo maintained focus on promoting simplicity and ease of use, while making the experience as engaging as possible. This was implemented through a simple scrolling page design of which minimised the number of clicks required and included a sharing function to help ‘start the conversation’ with families and doctors.



MyValues has captured the beliefs and wishes of 8,000 people who—should they lose their decision-making capacity—now have plans in place, as a means to communicate with family. Barwon Health has invited Zoo to develop a joint submission for Federal Government funding to take the MyValues website tool nationally. Plans to take this to international markets including New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

People who have captured their beliefs
and wishes using MyValues


Plans to roll out MyValues nationally


Key people on
this project

Katie Franklin

Account Director

Brad O’Meara

Art Director

Rebecca Bayly

Head of Digital

Jeremy Reinmuth

User Experience Designer