Museum of Australian Democracy

Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines is one of the Museum of Australia Democracy at Old Parliament House's most presitgious exhibitions that showcases the very best of the year in political cartoons. Each year, MOAD have called upon ZOO group to assist in the brand rollout to draw in Australians from across the country.


The key to Behind the Lines was how the artists were able to capture the political landscape of the moment. The events that shocked, surprised, or captured the nation, and the world. They key for MOAD, and ZOO, was how to promote this to a modern audience on a limited budget. ZOO decided to bring the animations to life through a series of animated gifs that were used across social media and digital banners. ZOO's designers recrafted each drawing, and brought the scene to life by capturing the moments before and after the comic itself.


MOAD achieved a high share rate across social media, and drove engagement on the content to bolster excitement around the exhibition. Some of the more contentious animations had to be brought down, after surprising election victories that would lead to otherwise tense political stand offs.

Key people on
this project

Jason Perelson

Creative Director (Partner)

Melissa Bareis


Suzy Kuo

Account Manager