Australian National University

You Make Us Australia's National University

In order to drive students to enrol at ANU, the university needed to showcase just how their students make them Australia's National University. As part of the campaign they needed to extend the reach of a traditional media campaign to engage students on platforms they enjoy communicating on.

With an ad that would play in cinema across Canberra and Sydney, we knew the campaign needed something special to showcase the diverse experiences at ANU.


As ANU had already bought media prior to the campaign strategy and creative being developed, because of tight deadlines. ZOO had to work within the bounds of the plan to develop a way for the target audience to engage with this advertising on a deeper level, through something a little bit more creative. By using a mirror feature on traditional bus shelter ads, students could see themselves in the advertising - in line with the campaign positioning. This was then echoed through on-campus bathroom advertising during O-Week, an exciting new TVC and visual style through the line, and 24 different custom geofenced Snapchat filters running during Open Day.


Students loved it! They organically engaged with the bus stop and bathroom advertising in a way the University could never have imagined. Selfies the students took went viral on social media. Students then engaged with those posts creating their own memes and images making them proud of what their university had developed.

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Key people on
this project

Lorinda Wyatt

Managing Director (Partner)

Jason Perelson

Creative Director (Partner)

Natalie van der Rijt

Senior Art Director

Dinah Pollard

Senior Designer