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Despite being an advanced metropolis, a poor quality of life besets nursing homes in Singapore. As our nation struggles to cope with a rapidly ageing population, even more are likely to become dependent on such places for care. To work towards achieving a better quality of life for our elderly, we created a campaign to encourage Singaporeans to rally together for better nursing homes and advocated for a more evolved philosophy of care.

In order for our campaign to be impactful, we needed for everyday Singaporeans to experience what it’s like living in a nursing home. We had a Singaporean TV host, Anita Kapoor, voluntarily admitted into a nursing home to live like an elderly resident. As followers journeyed with her through video logs and social posts, this opened their eyes to realities that they could not unsee. Her experience was also cut into a social documentary, ‘Anita’s Nursing Home Stay’, which was subsequently picked up by all major news outlets.

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