Singapore Media Awards


Across industries, many multinational corporations have been facing challenges due to new disruptive brands and tech startups. The media industry also face similar challenges and must work even harder in helping clients to be creative and effective in reaching out to their consumers. A rallying cry for media agencies to innovate and “disrupt” is much needed, because at this stage, they too risk getting “disrupted”. Thus, our proposed theme for the Singapore Media Awards Show aimed to inspire these agencies to think differently and constantly expect the unexpected.

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Our thematic idea for the Singapore Media Awards was titled, “Disrupt or be Disrupted”. The word “disrupt” – a term that used to only have a negative connotation, is now a buzzword for innovation and change. With technology as a key driver of disruption, we wanted to challenge media agencies to be the leaders in innovation, rather than led along by trends that have long become lackluster. To do so, all our collaterals had an element of surprise that would “disrupt” the usual routines. For example, when a participant first lands on the website and tries to navigate, the website immediately morphs into multiple design changes, as if a designer has taken over the screen and is still working on the design of the website.


The theme was well received by the media agencies which resulted in the 2016 awards show exceeding its original target submissions by more than 20%. The final awards night also achieved an unexpectedly high number of attendees from the media agencies.


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