Japan is a country that embodies the best of both worlds. A global heavyweight in modern technology and robotics, it is also a nation steeped in tradition and culture, renowned for its distinctive city landscape. In our collaboration with Segafredo Zanetti Japan, we were tasked with creating a series of limited edition packaging designs pitched at tech-savvy consumers in Japan with mid-high income ceilings and a median age of 25-45.

In order to attract this group that enjoys immersing themselves in culture and architecture, we created designs that encapsulate Japan’s historical landmarks and modern cutting-edge technology in partnership with Pierre-Marie Postel from Paiheme Studio in France. Adorned with an illustration of a robot, the design depicts the buzz of Tokyo’s lively streets. Whilst creating a fluid design template that resonates with consumers, our aim was to showcase Japan’s local stylised art, manga illustration.

More market-specific packaging designs are in the works and they are expected to hit the market soon.

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