Women's Integration Network

The People’s Association Women’s Integration Network (PA WIN) Council was established in 1995 to inspire more women towards community leadership and it nurtures women to play an active role in society. To extend their reach and strengthen their engagement with women aged 25-54 in Singapore, PA WIN and ZOO Group jointly launched the Petals of Strength campaign in the lead up to Singapore’s National Day in 2020.

Featuring personal and heartfelt stories of how women overcame adversity due to COVID-19, the videos were a celebration of how women served their communities, improved social cohesion, or displayed resilience. Members of the public were also encouraged to take part in a symbolic activity in response to these videos. To show their support and uplift each other, they folded an origami Petals of Strength flower and posted it on social media.

Taking home the MARKie for Most Creative -- Specific Audience (Bronze) in 2021, the Petals of Strength campaign had 300,735 total views and a total reach of 583,320 among women who were 25-54 years old.

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