It's NERF or Nothin'!

NERF Action Xperience

Being the world’s first, there was a need to raise awareness for NERF Action Xperience and generate buzz to surround this exciting launch. In order to generate buzz for NERF Action Xperience, we demonstrated how this indoor arena would enhance NERF battles and play experience, removing it from the realm of imagination and transforming it into reality.

Our strategy for NERF Action Xperience played out in two phases. Keeping in mind that NERF products are not new to the Singaporean market, we used a teaser to hype up the campaign and entice existing NERF fans before the official launch of the arena. The official launch was massive, and so we matched it with a film that had NERF Action Xperience’s play zones as the hero element. We also created other collaterals, including the NERF Action Xperience website to facilitate the seamless process to get from knowing about NERF Action Xperience to purchasing tickets.

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