Boncafé has been in the market for years because of their passion for providing the perfect cup of coffee and tea for generations and beyond. It has also always kept its design packaging in line with their branding and the products they offer. This time around, Boncafé commissioned ZOO Group to develop a limited edition coffee packaging targeting tourists visiting Singapore. The intent was for the product to be offered within the hotel in-room/suites and souvenir & gift shops located within hotel premises across the country.

Taking inspiration from Singapore’s heartlands and its cityscape that we’re all familiar with, ZOO Group collaborated with one of Singapore’s well-known illustrators, Lee Kow Fong, AKA Ah Guo in creating the illustration for Boncafé’s design packaging. The painting kept Ah Guo’s popular colourful style with his iconic characters, which include penguins, hedgehogs, and rabbits. He applied his whimsical technique to the design to appeal to both young and old.

It didn’t take long for the product to garner much praise that Boncafé eventually also made them available online and at selected retail stores. The design was also used for other merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, etc.


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