20 Nov 2017

Singapore designs official logo for Asean 2018

Asean 2018 Singapore | Design by Zoo Group

When Singapore hosts the myriad of Asean meetings next year when it becomes the chairman of the 10-member grouping, it will have an official logo to go along with its new role.

The pink-and-lavender logo somewhat resembles the petals of a flower, and has the text Asean Singapore 2018 alongside a tagline that reads: “Resilient and innovative”. Its “modern, stylised design was created by connecting the capitals of the Asean member countries, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

“The links signify the collective resilience of an inter-connected Asean in pursuit of a common purpose,” the ministry added in its statement on Tuesday (Nov 14).

The logo was unveiled at the closing ceremony of the 31st Asean Summit in Manila. Its colours are a symbolic mix of red, blue, and white, with red symbolising strength and equality, blue representing trust and stability, and white being a symbol of peace. “Combining these colours demonstrates Asean’s unity and innovativeness,” said the ministry.

It added that lavender, commonly associated with dignity, passion and vitality, also represents a dynamic, innovative and vibrant Asean community. As for the tagline, it captures Singapore’s vision for Asean to be united in the face of growing uncertainties in the global strategic landscape.

As chairman in 2018, Singapore wants Asean to focus on adapting to digital technologies, equipping its people with skills, and making cities smarter.

Source: The Straits Time

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an inter-governmental arrangement formed in 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand to promote political, economic and social cooperation and regional stability. Brunei joined in 1984 and Vietnam in 1995. Laos and Myanmar became members in 1997 as ASEAN marked its 30th anniversary, with Cambodia becoming ASEAN’s tenth member in 1999. ASEAN’s activities are coordinated by the ASEAN Secretariat based in Jakarta. Read more about it, and Australia’s relationship with Singapore here