From employee to entrepreneur: what Matt Rose has learnt

“I’ve been at my desk two hours already and it’s only 7.15am. Third week like this. My pipeline could be better, it’s quieter than I would like. I have a six-month-old son who I haven’t seen in two days and my wife is facing the challenge of new motherhood largely solo.

This month marks my first year as a business owner, a year since I left the comfort of being an employee of a large multinational to become a partner in charge of relaunching a business. For me the transition from employee to entrepreneur was a case of aging five years in five minutes. I’m the guy with big bags under his eyes and more grey hair than when you last saw him.

The journey is still new for me, but for the benefit of anyone thinking about taking the jump and going into business for yourself, here are some things I have learnt…”

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